Saturday, July 30, 2011

Newly blossomed cherry blossom

I have been noticing this kind of season each year since I permanently stay at Penang over these 3-4 years. I never know or see this tree at any state in Malaysia. I used to live in Selangor for almost 4 years but still I never notice this kind of flower along main-roads. I don't know what about now.

I am not really sure what the flower is called but definitely it's not says it is called cherry blossom...well i don't know. I just love to see this tree gorgeously blossom out its flowers. Pinkish, easy on the eye...=)

Here's the pics I had taken with my office-mate few days ago. U'll get to see the better version once its get into full season which is around October. So wait for more.


DyaNz said...

cherry blossom huh? nice!!

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